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Artist Profile: Joe Silva


Friend and well established Music Composer/Producer Joe Silva was featured in this month’s DJ Mag Canada (Page 32). Joe runs record label Purespace Recordings, under which he also scores music for movies, TV and radio - this, in addition to pursuing his personal projects, continually expanding his repertoire, as well as remixing other artists' work in the electronic music genre.

We’ve collaborated with Joe in some of our recent videos, including the BTS Richlu Reel as well as the very recent BTS ANNA reel. Joe’s involvement in the film scoring industry really shows in his ability to match the music to mood and timing of the moving picture. Although we used original recordings to set timing and direction, assets were handed back to Joe for fine-tuning the mix for the final cut.

If you need original score for your next video project, Joe Silva is your man.


Purespace Recordings

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Adobe, Please Bring Creative Cloud Down to the Ground


After some deliberation, protest and inevitable temptation, I finally bit the bullet, spent a whopping $30 (promotional offer for registered Adobe software owners) for the first month of use of just about every software suite Adobe offers. After a few weeks of fun trying out new software, I’ve decided that Adobe needs to offer another option to dedicated, working pros.

Being in the stills profession, I didn’t realize just how much kit was available in other disciplines, until I saw the full list. Fifty four (54) applications in the “Trial” list alone. If you attempt to use all the software, or realistically, even just a few apps, the $30/month is a no-brainer. Even at the regular $50/month to new customers, this is a fantastic deal. However, as a current owner of various photo-centric apps such as Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 5, I prefer to have full ownership of these tools, without the need for constant verifications connectivity to the web. Here’s why.

Photoshop and Lightroom have become a part of my camera bag tool kit (I literally carry disks around in a camera bag along with an OSX rescue disk etc). Few years ago I ended up on assignment far from civilization, on the shores of Hudsons Bay, photographing a Polar Bear Tour. The only access to the camp was by a special charter flight (a bush plane, really) and the only access to the internet, was the host’s slow and very expensive satellite connection. On day 3, and a few thousand photos later, my laptop’s program disk became corrupt, requiring a fresh install of the operating system and all the necessary apps to continue the shoot. Quietly, without drawing too much attention to my little chrysis, I was able to reinstall OSX, Photoshop, and was back up and running within a few hours.

With a Creative Cloud subscription, what would have been the solution to this crysis? Old Photoshop disks? Possibly. But with constantly updating operating systems and compatibility issues with aging software, this will become a major problem on future assignments. I currently own Photoshop CS6 and I’ll hang onto it for the foreseeable future, but I certainly hope Adobe offers a non-cloud solution to these pivotal products soon.

If you have knowledge on this, I’d love to hear it! Please share in the comments below!


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Taking Food Photography to the The Next Dimension

Happy belated 2014.

I've spent most of it so far in the edit suite, cutting video footage from a few projects we shot in 2013. I'm not new to this motion picture thing, as I've shot and edited video in the past, but everytime I sit down to tackle a new edit I am reminded how much more involved the discipline is compared to editing stills.

Don't get me wrong, I love shooting video. Video takes photography into a whole new dimension, (literally, it's the dimension of time). But that's also the problem. Where it took 4-5 hours to edit, present, then colour correct, retouch and deliver still images from the shoot, the BTS video that follows took 4-5 days to edit, cut, and grade, not counting the late nights and self-induced creative direction changes.

One can argue that I can do it for the love of it, but I also love an efficient workflow, something that also comes with the passage of time.


Let's eat.


Food Photography: ANNA Magazine Production Reel. from Jerry Grajewski on Vimeo.

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